It depends. ModCloth seems too mark up several brands, I've recognized a few that I know I can get cheaper elsewhere online. When even the original maker isn't selling them for that much why choose to pay more? Agreed about the house brand but not on the cost, you can find lots of good quality dresses for $50. » 7/16/14 10:01pm 7/16/14 10:01pm

As a member of Gen X, I'd say this is more the Silver Age of comic book live action television. Which means in 20-30 years it'll be what show creators then will look back at and go "Those were the best versions of those characters. Ever! Let's reboot them with a little more grimdark." » 6/24/14 3:01pm 6/24/14 3:01pm

He seems to be a career college student. He's been going to one school or another since 2007. I'm calling bullshit on his noble intentions. Comparing what he does to photographic war? Sure buddy, totally the same thing. Any bets he came up with his own nickname? » 6/18/14 12:19am 6/18/14 12:19am