Sorry, hated the Olicity stuff. It was one thing when she was seriously lusting for him in an awkward dorky way but how that turned into love I have no idea. This episode was like bad fan-fiction. Only thing missing was Laurel and ghost Sara giving Felicity their blessing to bang Oliver. When she mouthed off to Ra’s I… » 4/23/15 10:24am Yesterday 10:24am

I liked the Floyd scenes. Knowing anyone who comes back from active duty in a war zone, they are changed. They step back into a world that moved on without them, and it hurts. They are lost and confused. Couple that with the nightmarish trauma and it's a powder keg. My beef with his wife is she just got done saying… » 3/26/15 12:25pm 3/26/15 12:25pm

Yeah, that's unlucky. Jeans and t-shirt gal myself, I am very self conscious that I am being judged. Finally I said to myself, "Screw it, my money is green." If the salesperson is being an ass, find another salesperson. I've found many helpful workers at Sephora over the years, but ones with attitudes don't seem to… » 3/25/15 5:25pm 3/25/15 5:25pm

What I got from the Lola story was, no matter what upgrades, no matter how many times it's been broken down and built up again, at it's heart it is still that same 1962 Corvette. No matter what the mist did to her, she's still the Skye she's always been. » 3/25/15 8:43am 3/25/15 8:43am

My own theory is that Mack and Bobbi are part of a group that doesn't want Shield rebuilt. They don't have the same faith that Fury has in Coulson. Fury believes if they start from square one with the right people the thing with Hydra won't happen again. It would make sense there are those who still have trust issues. » 3/11/15 9:26am 3/11/15 9:26am

Very, VERY few heroine's got their own books in the Golden Age. Besides WW, Mary Marvel, Black Cat, Miss Fury, Miss America, Phantom Lady, Lady Luck, there was also Invisible Scarlet O'Neil, Sun Girl, Namora, Blond Phantom, Sheena, Firehair, Nelvana, and Venus. And that's not counting all the jungle girl comics. Only… » 3/09/15 2:26pm 3/09/15 2:26pm

Bring it on CW, I can handle the awesomeness of Never Known as the Justice League. There was a whole list of possible metas presumed dead on Flash. Damage, Atom Smasher, Elongated Man, Fire, Amazing Man. Perhaps a All-Star Squadron or Infinity Inc. Conglomerate? » 2/27/15 9:36am 2/27/15 9:36am